Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher is the common crushing equipment used in gravel field operation. Its advantage lies in the pollution-free sand making technology, high technical level, strong operation stability and remarkable operation effect of Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher. It can be used for producing pebbles, granite, iron ore Stone, basalt, shale and other building materials, for all walks of life to provide high-quality construction aggregate.


Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher truly green sand, green sand. The whole structure is compact, the parts are streamlined, simple operation, less maintenance, reasonable layout of the entire process, saving floor space, dust collection device in the dust out of the large parts of the configuration for fine dust recovery and dust removal process Purification, transportation, screening, feeding process for humidifying materials, reducing the damage of dust particles on the human body, restored the mine's "green face"!

Finished Grain Shape Is Excellent

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher processing of the finished product grain shape, cubic content of finished products, needle-free products, the Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher processed gravel aggregate size more neat, with a more reasonable gradation, iron pollution is small, the finished product bond Strong, used in the construction field can effectively enhance the bond of aggregate, improve the durability and corrosion resistance of building aggregate, improve the service life of the construction.

High Yield

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher output per hour between 12-520 tons, compared to the traditional crusher, not only high quality, high volume. Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher sand chamber through the optimization, a material throughput increased by 40 percent, sand deep no dead zone, out of the material more smoothly, no crushing phenomenon.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection


Energy saving and environmental protection are the distinguishing features of Silica Sand Gold Ore Crushers. Based on advanced motors and perfect environmental protection devices, Silica Sand Gold Ore Crushers can realize green sand making. The Silica Sand Gold Ore Crushers are equipped with environmentally-friendly dual motors, which are both energy-saving and efficient. The whole machine also adopts Advanced vortex sand system, the use of cyclone principle of dust collection, greatly reducing the dust pollution.

Perfect Configuration

Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher can stand-alone operation, but also multi-machine joint operations, the formation of a sound system of sand, screening process. Silica Sand Gold Ore Crushers equipped with hydraulic opening device, safety alarm system, observation gate, counterweight wheel and other devices, the perfect configuration to ensure safe and efficient operation, more Silica Sand Gold Ore Crusher technical parameters, quotations, model details, please contact us for free Technical staff!

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